San Pedro de Atacama pt.2


This weekend has been a little hectic for me, but I will do as I promised and finish me story about what I did in the Atacama.

One of my favorite things that I did in the Atacama was go swimming in a salt lake. It took roughly an hour to get to the lake from SPDA, and the lake was in the middle of nowhere. We drove down a dirt road in between two big mountain ranges just to get there. Though we also had to walk in between natural rock structures to get to the lake once the truck went as far as it could. I felt like such an adventurer trying to get to the lake. Before this lake, I had never floated in a salt lake of any kind. I literally got in the lake and just floated, if you try to swim on you belly it doesn’t work out too well. My whole group spent about thirty minutes in the salt pool, and by the time we all got out every scratch and scrape on my body was in pain. The salt really does hurt if you have any open woulds or scratches. Here is a few pictures of the lake.


The path on the way back to the truck.


Aside from this salt lake, we also went to a few different view points of different spots in the desert. I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.






Other than seeing the Atacama from different view points and going to the salt lake, I was able to explore the little pueblo that is San Pedro de Atacama. Here is a picture of the little church in the main plaza in San Pedro.


I also bought plenty of souvenirs in the market center. I do not think I have any pictures of my souvenirs, but I bought a few bracelets and other small things for my friends and family.

The last day, my group got up super early and walked outside of town to cook breakfast and watch the sunrise. This was probably one of the most memorable experiences in the desert because not only were we in the middle of the dessert with the pueblo behind us and a mountain range with a volcano in front of us during the sunrise, I was in great company as well. I was given the opportunity to meet some great people while I was in the Atacama, and when you are with great people it makes your experience that much more worth it.

I hope you all are surrounding yourself with great friends as well.

Hasta luego y saludos de Chile,

Madison Green


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