San Pedro de Atacama pt.1


Hoy voy a hablar un poco sobre mi lugar favorita en Chile. Today I am going to talk about my favorite place in Chile – San Pedro de Atacama. I went a few weeks back to this beautiful pueblo (small town) located in the Atacama desert near Bolivia. Here is a map so you can have an idea where I was.


There were so many things to do in San Pedro de Atacama it was super hard to choose what I should do in the three days I had there. I decided it would be best to pay a tour agency to arrange everything ahead of time for me, and I had so much fun this way! I did not have to worry about choosing what is best, they already knew what were the best and most unique things to see in San Pedro de Atacama (SPDA). That being said, just because I didn’t get to do something in the SPDA doesn’t mean it is not super cool and unique.

The first day we went Sand boarding in the morning on the dunes in Valle de Martes. I have been sand boarding in ConCon before, but this was on a different level of difficulty and skill. The dunes were not only higher, but I was using snow boarding equipment. It was truly a challenge to somewhat master sand boarding in SPDA without falling down every time you stand up. Though I got to meet so many cool people from around the world as well as slide down some dunes in style. I didn’t get to take too many pictures in Valle de Martes or while boarding because my camera isn’t apt to so much action, but here are a few pictures.


New Friends 😀

After wearing myself out for a few hours we all returned to the pueblo para almorzar y descansar antes de que tuviéramos que ir al otro tour / to the pueblo to eat lunch and rest before we had to go to the next tour. The next lugar (place) that we went to was Valle de la Luna. This valley had beautiful views and a cave that you can walk through as long as you have a flashlight. I reached the valley in a van with a guide, but you can bike to the valley from San Pedro de Atacama if you want to experience the driest desert up close and person. Here are some pictures of me and my pololo (un chilenismo para novio o boyfriend) on top of a dune is valle de la luna and in a cave there as well.




And now the cave:


We also found a dog in the cave…he seemed well taken care of.


The next day we went to the geysers that are about an hour drive from the pueblo. We had to get up around 5 am in order to get there in time for the sunrise. Seeing the geysers at sunrise was absolutely magical! At that time in the day it was -10 Celsius and the contrast between the super hot water and the freezing air created some amazing steam. Here are some pictures.




On the way back to SPDA the tour group visited an area, a little frozen lake which I cannot remember the name of, and a pueblo se llama Machuca. Both in person and from the van on the ride to these lugares (places) I saw so many native animals; my favorite of the animals I saw were wild Vicuñas and a domestic llama que se llama San José in Machuca. No matter what I say, the pictures will say more than I can about el lugar y mi experiencia en este sector de la Atacama.

There are Vicuñas in this picture! They blend in pretty well.



San José en Machuca
Iglesia de Machuca 
Mås Vicuñas

I will be writing about the second half of my experience in the Atacama in my next post. I just thought that I did way too many interesting things to try and cut them short to fit it into one post. Stay tuned to my experience in a salt lake, and two different view points in the Atacama.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day where ever you are in our huge world.

Saludos de Chile,

Madison Green




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