My Crazy Travel Experience in Chile


I am just getting back from a five day trip to the north of Chile, and I thought I would comment on my experience in aviones (planes) and in buses. Here, and well I guess anywhere in the world, the cheapest pasajes (tickets) leave at the most inconvenient times. Because I am a college student, of course I am going to buy the cheapest pasajes, and this time that means staying awake all night to catch a 6:45 am flight to Antofagasta from Santiago, Chile. Here is my story.

Okay, upon doing research I found cheap pasajes – ida y vuelta (roundtrip) – to a city in the north of Chile, Antofagasta that left the airport in Santiago at 6:45 am. I live in Viña del Mar, a good two and a half hours from Santiago, but this isn’t much because there are always buses leaving from Viña to Santiago at any point in time – or so I thought. Turns out that the last bus that left for Santiago left at 10:00 pm. Therefore I had to buy a pasaje for a bus that left at 10:00 pm and arrived in Santiago at 12:00 am. At this point I have six hours and twenty five minutes until my flight.

Once in the bus terminal in Santiago I take a taxi to the airport and end up staying awake until my flight arrives and its time to board. That means no sleep at all for that night. Though, I guess it is important to say that the night before I only slept four hours because I decided it was important to go out with my Norwegian friend Hennie to a bar.

So at this point, on the plane, I had only slept four hours in two nights – I was exhausted.

Here are some pictures of me and my boyfriend on the plane to Antofagasta.


I know I am horrible for adding this one, but I couldn’t resist.


Alright, we have made it to Antofagasta, and have taken un taxi a nuestro hotel (a taxi to our hotel). Llegamos con ganas para dormir, pero por 4 días, una siesta grande. We arrive at our hotel with the desire to sleep for four whole days, well at least I could have slept for four days at that point. Though the concierge tells us check in isn’t until 12:00 and it is only 9:45….. we had to go out and walk in the heat like the zombies that we were.

Anyways, I thought I would tell you this story because I find it incredibly hilarious how unfortunate it all was. We had so much fun in Antofagasta, which I will write another blog about, but buying the cheapest and crappiest plane tickets in my opinion, was not worth the torture. I have learned my lesson, next time I will spend maybe an extra $100 dollars for a normal time just so I don’t have to feel like I am dying.

If any of you all have ever experienced anything crazy or unfortunate due to crazy flight times please tell me! I hope my story didn’t only sound like a big complaint session, overall I find the situation hilariously unfortunate.

Hasta luego amigos!

Saludos de Chile,

Madison Green


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