This past weekend I took a trip to Antofagasta, una ciudad en el norte de Chile, a city in the north of Chile, and I wanted to share my experience and pictures with you all. I flew out of Santiago Friday morning, which I have written about in my previous post, and arrive an hour and a half later around 9:45. Once I got to my hotel and put my bags up I went on a walk to find a beach to sit down and enjoy the beautiful blue water. Where I live in Chile, the water close to the shore is blue, but the rest is dark, cold, and unpleasant,but here in Antofagasta, a lot of the water was a beautiful shade of blue. Here are some pictures of my view.



My favorite part about this beach, and really all of the beaches in Antofagasta, is how many seashells there are on the shore. I spent an hour just searching for the best seashells to take home with me to the United States. There are almost no shells where I am staying, so finding some in Antofagasta was exciting for me.

Also, while in Antofagasta I visited La Mano del Desierto. This was about an hour out of town in a bus with a tour group. There really is no way to get to the hand unless you go with a tour group because the hand is out in the middle of nowhere. Here is a picture of it.

DSC02197 (2).JPG


I was told that the artist sculpted this hand and placed it beside the main highway out of town in order to wish those traveling to the capital Santiago a goodbye – as if Antofagasta is waving goodbye to those leaving. I was amazed by the detail in the nails and knuckles and everything about this hand. If you ever get the chance to go to Antofagasta I highly recommend going to see this hand and the Portada.

The Portada is a natural rock arch in Antofagasta that is a major tourist attraction. There is a pair of penguins that lives in a cave below the viewing deck in front of the Portada, but because I was there right when it was turning dark outside, I didn’t get to see the penguins. Here are some of the pictures I snapped of of the Portada before dark on the viewing deck.



Antofagasta is a beautiful city that has many things to appreciate and make better. There is a huge mall in Antofagasta that is surrounding by a port and various piers throughout the city. Just taking a walk along the shore will make you want to stay a few more days in this lovely city. I do hope to go back one day, but for now I can say yo conozco Antofagasta, y en el futuro voy a volver. I know the city of Antofagasta, and one day I will return.

Hasta Luego Antofagasta.

Saludos de Chile,

Madison Green


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