My Search for Mexican food in Chile


I have been on the lookout for an authentic Mexican restaurant or food truck, or shop that sells dulces (candies), or anything Mexican…. and oh man how this has been hard. I am absolutely in love with Mexican food and I worship horchata, but I have had almost no luck. There is a “Mexican” fajita restaurant here in Viña, but it dose not sell aguas frescas, and I refuse to eat at a restaurant that claims to be Mexican if there are not aguas frescas. I also tried a restaurant in Valpo that claimed to be Mexican, and it had horchata, but sadly it fell short in harnessing the sabor (flavor) of Mexican food.


The past weekend I took a trip to the capital, Santiago, and to my delight, I found a little Mexican restaurant that sold horchata and used tortillas de maíz! Here is a picture of me and my first cup of horchata in probably five months.


Though while I was in the city I wanted to find a Mexican restaurant that I could sit down in and enjoy some wonderful food, and I almost found one. My boyfriend (whos parents are Mexican), my friend Gerty from Boston, and myself found a cute little “Mexican” restaurant in a plaza that I think is called Bella Vista, we ordered some chips and guacamole, a fajita, and something else I cannot remember, and enjoyed a glass of pisco sour. The food was good, but its not quite there.

My lovely friend Gerty 

For some reason, Chile really doesn’t like spicy anything. If you walk down the chip isle in the grocery store here you will not find a single brand, bag, or anything with spice. Derek and I purchased a bag of Roulette Doritos just to have a spicy chip, and we ate the whole bag without finding the roulette spicy chips. I am not sure if the bag was a default, or we just don’t find the chips spicy and Chileans do.

I will continue my hunt for authentic Mexican food and spicy anything here in Chile.

Wish me luck!

Saludos de Chile,

Madison Green



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